Smart Cities: The way to sustainable cities development

Expert’s round table and conference in Ostrava, Czech Republic

April 7, 2016

I was invited to participate in a “Round table of experts” discussion, organized by Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic and Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic. Event was held in Ostrava, at newly renovated Compress Hall. This event was also part of Visegrad Group initiative.

Invited  experts  were discussing initiatives and projects connected to smart city theme in area of Visegrad Group. The goal was to identify barriers in smart cities ideas implementation. There was a repeated discussion  how local authorities can control this process supported by national and Europe Union agencies.

Local authorities representing Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary and Poland, and guest from Sweden (Stockholm) were sharing their experience of making transportation, energy sector, water and waste management and other city systems smart. The level of city residents’ participation in city development was also part of our discussion.

My role as a urbanist and architect was to highlight a position of my profession as a leader of team designing smart cities.

It was also a great opportunity to meet many new and smart people. Looking forward to be invited again to similar events as this one to share my expertise.

(Photos by Ing. Blanka Keltner, MMR CZ)

ostrava march 2016 1

ostrava march 2016 2


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